When you heal your body, you can:

Feel happy in your own skin for the first time

Build a healthier relationship with food and your body

Make progress when nothing else has worked

All this with…
No Surgery
No Prescription Drugs
No Diet Pills
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Anxiety and Binge Eating

Are you struggling to lose weight/maintain a healthy weight? Schedule your free consultation today.

Half slices of oranges lined up on a blue surface with powered sugar sprinkled around.

Pain & Prediabetes

Get your blood sugar under control. Holistic treatment that works for joint pain and neuropathy. 


Improve your Mood

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or cognitive function? Our tailored program can help.

Food Behavior Coaching

Are you driven by a passion for health and helping others achieve their best selves?

You can impact lives by becoming a Food Behavior Coach. This innovative field combines Nutrition-Psychotherapy and Metabolic Psychotherapy, offering you a unique skill set recognized under Florida law.

Discover the crucial link between diet and mental health, enhancing your ability to tackle obesity and improve mental well-being. With options for online or in-person training and a comprehensive curriculum that includes a case study project, this program invites you to add a valuable tool to your professional toolkit.

Applications are open for our July 2024 class, offering you a pathway to make a holistic impact in the healthcare field.

Chrisanna Harrington-Wright, MA, RDN, LMHC

My clients turn to me because they are struggling with pain, weight gain, foggy brains, neuropathy, prediabetes, mental health challenges, gastric bypass surgery, and more.

When you work with me, my focus will first be to heal your body and get you in a good place. With a combination of nutrition and psychology, we will then gently tackle the underlying issues exacerbating your health.

Eat to nourish your brain, body, and soul

I will help you build food guidelines with foods you are used to eating and exercise goals that are within your limits. I work with your primary care doctor to coordinate treatment and use lab values to assess inflammation, nutritional status, and biomarkers for specific chronic illnesses.

Own your own body, take control of your health, and lose weight permanently

My exceptional program is built on the latest nutritional science and psychology, along with 30 years of experience.  Using a combination of nutrition education, cognitive behavioral therapy, and lifestyle changes, we work to heal not only your gut but your brain as well.

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