What you should know when looking for nutrition counseling

Headshot of Chrisanna Harrington
Chrisanna Harrington-Wright is the founder of Nutegra and is a licensed dietitian/nutritionist.

Here are 5 things to know when looking for nutrition counseling:

  1. First off do you even think of nutrition counseling or do you think of just following a diet, when you want to lose weight
  2. Is the person you are seeking counseling from licensed as a nutrition professional, such as a Registered Dietitian or if they are a Nutritionist, do they have their Ph.D. in nutrition?
  3. Are they able to take insurance, most licensed providers are able to take insurance and this is an extra step of protection for you as a health consumer.
  4. Do they provide you with a personalized meal plan? One that you can live with and use foods you actually eat and one where you will not starve?
  5. Can they order lab values, read them and communicate with your Primary Care Doctor, and help you set a reasonable goal weight based on health and not some random number?

If you are receiving nutrition counseling and you are not getting:

  • A Personalized Meal Plan
  • A Realistic Goal Weight based on your body and a healthy percentage of body fat for your age
  • An improvement in your lab values to a healthier you
  • Able to bill your counseling through your insurance
  • Access to behavioral changes that will help you in your weight loss journey
  • A professional credential to communicate with your primary care doctor about your success

then it is time you try Nutegra Mental Health and Nutrition. Call for your free 15-minute assessment today.