What is Binge Eating?

There is a spectrum of eating disorders. Everyone knows of Anorexia (restricting food) and Bulimia (binge eating and then purging through vomiting, exercise, or laxative use). However, did you know about Binge Eating Disorder? Binge eating self-assessment quiz What is Binge Eating Disorder? Binge Eating now has a diagnosis in the DSM5. The definition of […]

Gut Health

Would you have six pack abs, if it was not for your big internal organs? Eating a lot of sugar and wheat products can cause you to feel gassy and bloated. The sugar actually ferments in the gut. That’s when you might experience that walk and “toot” feeling. A leaky gut could be contributing to […]

Brain Health

We are seeing younger and younger people in locked units in the nursing homes. We are not just talking about someone who misplaces their keys; we are talking about people in their 50’s and 60’s that are no longer able to function in society!  What does nutrition have to do with brain function? Individuals focus […]