Understanding Disordered Eating

A woman in a black sleeveless top looks down at her plate with a forlorn expression, poking at a single small piece of broccoli with her fork. The setting suggests a mealtime at home, possibly indicating a lack of appetite or interest in eating. This image may represent the challenges faced by those with disordered eating, a condition that Nutegra aims to help individuals overcome.

Disordered eating (DE) refers to several abnormal eating behaviors that contribute to significant distress. Individuals with DE often have trouble functioning in everyday activities such as working and socializing. DE may not necessarily meet the criteria for frequency, duration, or intensity compared to a specific eating disorder such as Anorexia or Bulimia. However, they still […]

Summary of “Life Without ED”

Silhouette of a person with arms raised in a victory gesture at sunset, symbolizing triumph and wellbeing, representing the empowering journey discussed at Nutegra Mental Health and Nutrition.

A book on overcoming eating disorders by Jenni Schaefer. Reviewed and Written by Jane Sylvestre, MS, RDN, CSOWM, LDN Reading the book Life Without Ed has given me great insight into what it must be like to be a person with an eating disorder (ED). I felt like I was in the mind of Jenni […]

Food Behavior Coaching

Food behavior coach logo

Do you have what it takes to become a Food Behavior Coach? Look into the new and exciting field of Food Behavior Coaching! Do you have a passion for health, do you have a passion for helping your friends and relatives to be the best versions of themselves? Maybe you have what it takes to […]