Testimonial: Bob Peterson

A green apple, yellow hand weights, and a measuring tape on a scale set to 0.0. Behavioral Nutritional Therapy can help you make the lifestyle changes you need to lose weight.

I have spent much of my early adult life being physically active in sports. I would play flag football in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in late spring and summer. There were times then when I might have put on a little extra weight (5-10 pounds), but I was generally able to […]

Glen* Before and After Behavioral Nutrition Therapy

Before Nutrition therapy Age: 73 Height: 70 inches Starting weight: 260# Glucose: 98   eGFR ( Kidney Status): 46 ( Low) * Kidney Disease Risk   Total Cholesterol: 175    HDL (Good Cholesterol): 35 (Low)   Triglycerides: 132 ( WNL)   LDL /cholesterol: 115 (H)   CHOL/ HDLC Ratio 5.0 (H) ( Goal <5.0) *Cardiac […]

George* Before and After Behavioral Nutrition Therapy

Before Nutrition Therapy Weight: 270# Percentage Fat: 34% ( High) Medical Conditions: Pre-diabetes Psychological: Mild MDD Behaviors: Ate while watching television at night, limiting social circle, no exercise A1C: 6.0% ( High) Fasting Insulin: 12 ( High) GADS-7: 2 PHQ-9: 6 BEDS-7: Positive *Name changed for privacy After Nutrition Therapy Weight: 196# Percentage of Fat: […]