Food Behavior Coaching

Do you have what it takes to become a Food Behavior Coach?

Look into the new and exciting field of Food Behavior Coaching!

Do you have a passion for health, do you have a passion for helping your friends and relatives to be the best versions of themselves?

Maybe you have what it takes to be a Food Behavior Coach.

This is a training opportunity to gain a skill set in the upcoming field of Nutrition-Psychotherapy or Metabolic Psychotherapy. In Florida, due to Florida Statute 501.057, if you are taught a course that is developed and approved by a Registered Dietitian you are legally available to delve into the area of Nutrition Counseling! You will understand the Gut/ Brain Axis and have proven methods to coach people who have Obesity.

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Research is showing the link between processed food consumption and increased mental health problems.

Therefore, if you are already a licensed therapist this skill set will help you to improve your outcomes with depression and anxiety, why?


Good Food = Good Mood!

The course combines online or in-person lectures, independent study, and a case study project.

Applications are ongoing to start the first class in July 2024. This is not a certification for licensure, however, a skill set to add to the therapist’s toolkit, or for an individual already trained in the healthcare field to have a skillset to make their skills more holistic. The certification is through the International Association of Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors.

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