George* Before and After Behavioral Nutrition Therapy

Before Nutrition Therapy

Weight: 270#

Percentage Fat: 34% ( High)

Medical Conditions: Pre-diabetes

Psychological: Mild MDD

Behaviors: Ate while watching television at night, limiting social circle, no exercise

A1C: 6.0% ( High)

Fasting Insulin: 12 ( High)

GADS-7: 2

PHQ-9: 6

BEDS-7: Positive

*Name changed for privacy

After Nutrition Therapy

Weight: 196#

Percentage of Fat: 17%

Medical Conditions:

Reversal of Pre-diabetes

Psychological: Improved

MDD and Anxiety

Behaviors: Night eating stopped, improved interaction in his community, joined a baseball league

A1C: 4.3 %

Fasting Insulin: 3

GADS-7: 0

PHQ-9: 2

BEDS-7: negative

Lost on 2400 Calorie Meal Plan

*Name changed for privacy