Gut Health

Would you have six pack abs, if it was not for your big internal organs?

Eating a lot of sugar and wheat products can cause you to feel gassy and bloated. The sugar actually ferments in the gut. That’s when you might experience that walk and “toot” feeling.

A leaky gut could be contributing to your chronic health or weight problems

Research on the leaky gut helps us to understand how foods that we eat can actually trigger chronic disease states of chronic fatigue, weight gain, malnutrition, inflammatory arthritis, and psoriasis.

We aim to treat those conditions with a tailored treatment protocol.

Fighting nutritional deficiencies is the first defense

The Nutegra Medical Nutrition Therapy Program addresses not only your weight. We look at your level of inflammation through C-Reactive Protein (CRP) level. This lab value is part of the labs that we will order for you in your first session.

It is not uncommon to come in looking for treatment for a chronic health or weight issue, only to find that you are undernourished in some way. Ordering labs is the first step in creating a comprehensive treatment program that focus on your nutrition and health goals.  Nutegra MNT is part of a psychiatric practice that can order your labs; in most cases, the labs can be covered by your insurance. If not, we have a reasonable package of labs that we can order for you out of pocket.

As we work together, we will continue to follow up with labwork to make sure you are approaching your wellness goals in the healthiest way possible.

Waist measurements as a health indicator

Many of our clients began their journey to health as a weight loss journey. This is not surprising. Your waist-to-hip ratio is an important marker for chronic health.

We will measure and track your waist measurement as one of the health indicators, in addition to medical labs and physical fitness markers. A healthy waist is ½ your height, so if you are 5 feet 8 inches or 68 inches, your waist should be 34 inches as to prevent diabetes risk

Tailored treatment for your gut and overall health

Just by making a few lifestyle changes, following your whole foods meal plan, and taking targeted supplements, when needed, will reduce the level of inflammation, reduce gut inflammation, and make you the best you can be from an internal and external health standpoint!

Get in touch for a free phone consultation, where we can discuss what treatment will best benefit your health.