Hear from Chrisanna

Exploring the Intersection of Nutrition and Mental Health: A Conversation with Chrisanna Harrington

Welcome to the fifteenth episode of “Conversations with Therapists,” where we delve into the fascinating world of nutrition psychotherapy with Chrisanna Harrington, a leading expert in this emerging field. In this enlightening discussion, Chrisanna shares profound insights into the connection between nutrition and mental health, emphasizing how the integration of nutritional strategies with psychotherapy can significantly enhance emotional well-being and contribute to overall health.

Learn more about topics such as:

  • What is a Behavioral Nutritional Therapist?
  • The Connection Between Mental Health and Nutrition?
  • There Is No Quick Fix – But There Is Help
  • The Physical Aspect and the Mental Aspect
  • Medications To Lose Weight
  • Systemic Issues At Play
  • Advice from Chrisanna
  • Training New Therapists
  • A Story of Success

In this episode of “Conversations with Therapists,” Chrisanna Harrington provides a captivating exploration of the intricate relationship between nutrition and mental health. As the field of nutrition psychotherapy continues to evolve, her insights pave the way for a more integrated and holistic approach to emotional well-being.