The Difference Between Medical Nutrition Therapy and Behavior Nutrition Therapy

People are searching the website for Medical Nutrition Therapy or M.N.T. Medical Nutrition Therapy can only be provided by a Registered Licensed Dietitian. Medical Nutrition Therapy is what we used to call nutrition counseling, what a patient would receive as they were leaving the hospital. So, they would understand how food can impact their health.

Now, does insurance pay for Medical Insurance Therapy? Only if you are Diabetic or have renal disease. What? Yes, that is the truth and insurance will only pay for three sessions a year if you have one of those two diagnoses. Insurance will not cover nutrition counseling for weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, or GI distress. Sorry, that is just the way it works. And why weight loss programs do not bill insurance. Weight Watchers, Physician’s Weight Loss, Ozempic (if you are not a diabetic), and GoLo, are all out of pocket.

What is Behavior Nutrition Therapy?

Behavior Nutrition Therapy is a specific type of therapy developed by Chrisanna Wright, who is a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. It combines Nutrition Counseling which is not billable to insurance and psychological counseling which is billable to insurance. Nutrition counseling is based on your individual needs, and we recommend this for all our patients, even if they are not trying to lose weight. Why? Because, when you are eating to nourish your body, your body and brain function much better and our clients feel better!

Behavior Therapy for weight loss delves into behaviors around your relationship with food, how they started, how to change them, and set goals for how you want your future self to be. Based on your body composition, not a BMI chart.

The difference with Nutegra Mental Health and Nutrition, Inc. compared to commercial weight loss programs is that because we are Registered Dietitians, we can order labs. Did you know that if you have low iron or low B12, you can feel tired and draggy? This may be part of your depression, or why you just cannot exercise.

Did you know that one of the reasons you cannot lose weight and may have fertility problems (both men and women) is because you might be Insulin Resistant?

We can check this for you and treat it! Imagine finding out that something you have been suffering with for a long time, can be reversed with learning how to eat!

So, if you are looking for a place to lose weight, reverse chronic health problems, and NEVER DIET AGAIN………..