Behavior Nutrition Therapy

Own your body. Never diet again. Strong body, Strong mind. Real food. Sustainable weight loss!

Whether you are coping with cognitive decline, prediabetes, chronic pain, neuropathy, depression, obesity, or chronic health challenges, we can work with you to regain your health.

All this with…
No Surgery
No Prescription Drugs
No Diet Pills
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Nutritional science can transform your health

Led by Chrisanna Harrington-Wright, MA, RDN, LMHC, we use a combination of nutrition and psychology to help clients lose weight and regain their health. We have been helping clients regain their health for the last 30 years.  

Using behavior and nutrition therapies, we are able to blend the need to heal not only the gut but the brain as well.

Behavioral Change
+ Nutrition Change
+Thought Change

Behavior Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition education, cognitive behavioral therapy, and lifestyle changes form the core of our program. 

The Nutegra difference

Our program, based on nutritional science and psychotherapy, is created to aid clients’ pursuit of owning their own bodies and taking control of their health. 

Many clients join us with the goal of losing weight permanently and removing the foggy brain feeling associated with being overweight, obese, or undernourished. (Undernourished means: thin, normal weight or overweight people with nutritional deficiencies)

What is behavior nutrition therapy?

  • Scientific nutrition therapy provided by a licensed nutrition professional or designee
  • Individual nutrition care based on body composition or standardized healthcare measures
  • Nutritional guidance based on your lab reports and health markers
  • Behavioral treatment specific to your needs led by a licensed counselor
  • Association with psychiatric offices as to help in treating any anxiety or depression that can come from poor nutrition

*Nutegra Medical Nutrition Therapy is not approved by the FDA, but is based on scientific research.

What can you expect?

  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Improved blood sugars
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Improved mobility
  • No more dieting
  • Professional communication with your doctor

How do we blend behavior & nutrition?

  1. Diagnostic Evaluation: Assess for contributing psychological component, set goal weight (Based on age and body frame), obtain physical and nutrition history, assess need for labs
  2. Psychotherapy: Address Behavioral changes, provide a Nutrition plan, introduce meal planning
  3. Psychotherapy: Review meal plan, set goals, review lab work
  4. Psycho-education for sleep and mood and intermittent fasting and metabolism
  5. Psycho-education on review of meal plan and status of goals
  6. Psychotherapy: Behavior changes that can be made for eating out or at parties
  7. Psycho-education on Mindfulness in eating meals and scheduling to achieve goals
  8. Psychotherapy: Review of meal plan and assess status of goals ( Expect 8-16 pound weight loss after 8 weekly sessions)
  9. Follow-up: Monthly behavior focused therapy session and monitor weight monthly

(Follow-up sessions can be billed under insurance as psychotherapy if you have psychotherapy benefits under your insurance plan)

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