No-Diet Weight Loss: A New Approach

What would it be like to never diet again?

What would it be like to finally feel comfortable in your body? Have lab work that shows health and not illness? With Nutegra Behavior Nutrition Therapy  we can help you achieve permanent weight loss, without surgery, without a diet, without prepackaged food, without shots to risk damage to your metabolism. How you ask? Simply we design a plan for YOU, an individual based on your body composition, based on foods in their natural state, which you are used to eating; based on your lab values, based on your lifestyle. And then we will see you every 2 weeks to a month to follow your progress and coach you to understand nutritional science, understand metabolism, and understand what is happening in your body based on science, not magic.

We run labs and a specific lab we are looking at is Fasting Insulin. The Fasting Insulin level will tell us if you are Insulin Resistant. What is Insulin Resistance? Insulin Resistance is when your cells become resistant to insulin and so the blood sugar that is in your blood stream cannot get into the cells.

These are the symptoms: 

We treat Insulin Resistance not with a High Protein Diet that can decrease kidney function, we design a program with 25% carbohydrate to get your Insulin production down, so your body can start to function normally again. 

We have many people who come in and feel shame about their eating habits. Binge Eating Disorder is now a psychiatric diagnosis. The symptoms of binge eating disorder are: 

Episodes of binge eating that fit at least three of these descriptions:

  • The sufferer eats at a faster pace than normal.
  • The sufferer eats until he or she is over-full and physically uncomfortable.
  • The sufferer eats excessively even when he or she doesn’t feel hungry.
  • The sufferer is embarrassed by the binge eating and often eats alone to hide it.
  • The sufferer feels guilty, sad, or disgusted with him or herself after the episode.

Even though this is a psychiatric diagnosis, this Binge Eating disorder, there is a physiological explanation as well.  This has to do with two gastric hormonal systems called Ghrelin and Leptin. Normally, Ghrelin is produced in the stomach and it goes up when your body needs food. You eat and the fat cells release Leptin to shut down the Ghrelin and you stop eating. As a human being puts on too much adipose or fat tissue this system gets dys-regulated or goes haywire and the Ghrelin never turns off because your cells become Leptin Resistant. I tell my patients, “It’s like you are always hungry and you can never get enough” and they say “Exactly”.  There is no shame. The shame is not seeking professional treatment and the shame would come from thinking that you can manage this yourself with a diet. 

Believe it or not our clients did not gain weight over the Holidays; they either stayed the same or lost weight. How can that be? It is because they have a meal plan to eat on regular days and then they learn cognitive changes or shifts to understand how to eat on a holiday or at a party. 

Within the first two weeks our clients tell us they have clearer minds, less aches and pains and the swelling decreases. We also track the lab values to show them why they are feeling better; we track C – reactive protein as a level of inflammation, Fasting Insulin to let us know if the Insulin Resistance is improving and we track HgbA1C to measure the adherence to the meal plan.  We will also track your GFR to measure kidney function, which lets us know what level of protein your body can handle. 

Nutrition impacts every cell in your body. This is not a game of yo-yo dieting. This is your life and how you are functioning in your life. Registered Dietitians are the only licensed nutritional professionals that are recognized by the State of Florida to provide nutrition care to the public. At Nutegra Behavior Nutrition Therapy, we not only have a dietitian, she is also a licensed mental health therapist as well. We also have the oversight of a medical doctor and psychiatric nurse practitioners allowing for a holistic approach to your nutrition and mental health! 

Want proof? Just ask Tom!

Start: 277#                         

HgbA1C: 6%                        

Fasting Insulin: 12            

Body Fat: 34%                  

10 months later: 196#

HgbA1C: 4.3%

Fasting Insulin: 3             

Body Fat: 17%

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