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Do you need nutrition therapy for binge eating, obesity, or other health challenges?

Nutegra Mental Health and Nutrition is led by Chrisanna Harrington-Wright, a licensed dietitian/nutritionist and mental health counselor. Nutegra is proudly based in Florida and offers behavior nutrition psychotherapy online.

Anxiety and binge eating

Many people with anxiety also struggle with binge eating — a combination that can result in major physical and psychological distress.  If you struggle with anxiety and binge eating, the first step to get better is to understand how anxiety and binge eating are connected in order to begin to be able to change both, on your way to a healthier life.

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Self-assessment for Binge Eating Disorder

If you are experiencing signs of a binge eating disorder, seeking professional support is the first step to helping you live a more fulfilling life. A trained mental health professional can provide support, tools, and strategies to help improve your quality of life. Use this screening tool to better identify mental health problems.

1 / 7

I experience episodes of excessive overeating.


2 / 7

I feel like I have no control over the times that I eat excessively.

3 / 7

I continue to eat, even though I am not hungry.

4 / 7

I eat differently in public than in private because I am embarrassed about what and how much I am eating

5 / 7

I feel like I can’t stop eating once I start to eat.

6 / 7

I feel guilty and depressed after I overeat.


7 / 7

I make myself vomit in order to control my weight.

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