Link Between Pre-Diabetes and Infertility

One-third of all adult females and One-third of all adult males in the United States are experiencing infertility problems. This is according to a paper published by in April 2024.
What is causing this drop in fertility? This is what we know:
Obesity and Prediabetes are linked to infertility in both women and men!

How does this happen?

When the body has too much adipose (fat) tissue and high blood sugar, cells can become insulin-resistant. It is a systemic problem (every organ is affected).

Insulin Resistance means that all cells are not getting energy, because the cell does not open to the Insulin carrying glucose or energy to the cells. Quite literally the door is closed to getting energy (blood sugar) into the cell.

A diagram illustrating insulin resistance. On the left, a cartoon depiction of a cell with a door shows insulin (represented as a character holding a key) successfully unlocking the door to allow glucose (depicted as a character holding a balloon) to enter the cell. On the right, the same scenario is shown but with the door locked despite insulin's attempts, representing insulin resistance.

How does Insulin Resistance feel in the body?

  • Sleepiness after meals
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Cravings for sugary or sweet foods
An infographic on insulin resistance, mentioning Nutegra, a behavior nutrition therapy practice. The cycle starts with 'Eat Food,' showing a person dining on a balanced meal, then 'Make Insulin,' depicted by a pancreas releasing insulin. 'Cells Resist Insulin' shows insulin unable to enter cells. 'Sugar Stores as Fat' illustrates glucose being converted into fat, and 'Feel Tired and Hungry' represents a person feeling lethargic and hungry. This sequence emphasizes the nutritional counseling provided by Nutegra to manage and understand such metabolic processes.

What does Insulin Resistance look like in the body?

  • Upper abdominal Obesity
  • Men have gynecomastia or “Man Boobs”
  • Women can start to have male-pattern baldness
A close-up photo of a middle-aged man's torso, showing him wearing a white T-shirt and a black shoulder strap bag. The man appears to be overweight, which can be related to metabolic issues such as insulin resistance. For personalized guidance on managing weight and improving metabolic health, consulting with Nutegra, a behavior nutrition therapy practice, can be beneficial.

What is the link to Infertility in Men and Women?

  • Insulin resistance causes hormone dysregulation in both sexes!
  • Men have estrogen dominance: decreased libido, and changes in the DNA, lead to lower-quality sperm and decreased fertility.
  • Women have androgen disruption and increased testosterone: changes in DNA lead to lower quality eggs, decreased production of luteinizing hormone (LH), interfere with egg maturation and ovulation, and cause fertility problems, Both assisted and non-assisted conception can become problematic.
Illustration of the chemical structure of estrogen, highlighted in red against a pink background. The molecular diagram includes labels for carbon (C) and hydrogen (H) atoms, along with functional groups such as hydroxyl (OH). Understanding hormonal balance and its impact on health is crucial, and Nutegra, a behavior nutrition therapy practice, can offer guidance on how diet influences hormonal health.
A glowing blue molecular structure diagram of testosterone, featuring labels for its chemical groups including CH3 and OH. This visual representation highlights the complex structure of a key male hormone. For individuals looking to understand how nutrition influences hormonal health, consulting with Nutegra, a behavior nutrition therapy practice, can provide valuable insights and dietary strategies.

How is Insulin Resistance treated?

Lifestyle Changes and Nutrition Intervention
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