Setting Food Boundaries

My clients have been serial dieters. They have tried every diet in the book and some have even had gastric surgery and gained the weight back. Why? When you understand that less is not more and that you must eat a minimum number of calories or eat your Basal Metabolic Rate to support your muscle mass, the weight gain after dieting makes sense because when you lose muscle mass, you lose your ability to burn calories! If you do not eat a sufficient number of calories to support your body, your body will go to muscle first to provide it with energy. Losing weight should not mean that you are starving yourself!

Learning how to eat to respect your body is key. Respecting your body through what you put into it, may be a novel concept. But, would you ever allow someone to harm you? Of course not! And yet every day we make choices of foods to put in our bodies that are causing harm, self-inflicted harm. Borderline diabetics drink sugar-sweetened drinks, eat candy, and overindulge in carbohydrates. Even people who are not diabetic overindulge in ultra-processed foods and fast foods. And we have eaten ourselves into a nation in which 50% of Americans are obese or have diseases related to excess adipose disease.

In studying with Pia Mellody of The Meadows in Wickenburg, Arizona, we learned about Dysfunctional and Functional Adult Behaviors.
Dysfunctional Behaviors are listed as:

  • Being Critical of self
  • Being Neglectful of self
  • Being Indulgent of self in unhealthy or disrespectful behaviors or substances
Woman stretching on a dock by a lake. Chrisanna Harrington provides Behavior Nutrition Therapy.

Functional Behaviors are listed as:

  • The ability to Affirm self
  • The ability to Nurture self
  • The ability to set limits or Boundaries on self

In The Nutegra Behavior Nutrition Therapy Program you are given a boundary that is set just for you! Everyone has a different body and everyone needs a different amount of energy or calories. This boundary is your Meal Plan.

Are you ready to Affirm yourself that it is wise and natural to seek professional help for nutrition?

Are you ready to Nurture yourself by understanding the root causes of your weight problems?
Are you ready to set limits with writing your meal plan to provide a healthy boundary with food?

If you answered “yes” to all of the above then you are ready for your first consult for Behavior Nutrition Therapy. Call 941-787-3525 or complete the consult form at We have 100% success in helping people reach their weight goals and reverse Diabetes Mellitus Type 2!
#Own Your Own Body