Do you struggle to get the rest you need? If you have already figured out that your weight is connected to your sleep quality, you are on to something! 

Science is finding that when our brain is relaxed and we go into the REM sleep cycle our brain actually is activated to clean itself out!

Sleep deprivation can affect inflammation, appetite, and mood

Yes, when you are tired and stressed out you reach for sugar and caffeine to wake you up (no surprise) and then more sugar or carbohydrates and possible alcohol to put you to sleep.  It is a vicious cycle!

Many of our clients find that targeted nutrition initiatives, including dietary changes and vitamin supplements, when needed, are able to help them raise their quality of sleep and ability to sleep.

How stress stops you from sleeping

Now, if you are really stressed or have a history of trauma, you may require help to rest your HPA Axis (or Hippocampus/ Pituitary/ Adrenal Axis). You may be deficient in L-theanine or vitamin D, which moderate the effects of stress,  These vitamins relax you without sedating and can be taken at night or during the day.

When you work with us, you can expect us to confirm your treatment with labwork that helps us identify your personal nutritional needs so that we can adjust your diet for your optimal health.

Melatonin won’t fix the root cause

Many people think only of Melatonin to help them sleep and that is why just reading online and buying supplements from a health food store clerk can not necessarily help you. Taking Melatonin daily can shut off your natural production of Melatonin and you need some natural production of Melatonin in your brain to keep the circadian rhythm.

We want your brain to keep producing Melatonin, so getting to the root cause of your sleepless nights with our product, will help you reset your body to natural functioning!  

Sleep hygiene is so important for your metabolism to work efficiently and will be covered with you in your follow-up sessions.

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