If you are wondering if this program works:
Just ask some of my clients!

“I sought help from Chrisanna initially to ensure that I was following the right diet for my body type. I was literally wasting away in my efforts to avoid the foods that were making me sick. Within the first 20 minutes of our conversation, Chrisanna had unearthed what turned out to be a huge underlying issue for my overall health. Thanks to Chrisanna’s support and ongoing guidance, I am steadily gaining weight (enjoying food again!) and on the road to getting back my health.”

A 70 year old client’s journey

I now know what they mean “Coming to a cross road” That happen to me Jan 2022. I’m a 70 year old woman who’s wight had reached 302 pounds. I am dietetic on Metforman 1000mg two times a day, Jardiance 10 mg 1 time a day. I’m also seeing a Kidney Dr because my sugar was out of control and so was my Cholesterol they were worried about my kidneys. They were talking about dialysis and that scared me. I also started having neuropathy in my feet. I remember thinking if I don’t make some changes I was going to die.
I had been to 2 diabetic classes teaching me how to eat and never understood it. I had tried every diet on the market and had all the books to prove it, that didn’t help either. I had just enough medical background to know I was in trouble.
I called my Doctor and asked if she knew a Nutritionist she recommended Chrisanna Harrington-Wright. I called right away and in talking to her I knew she understood me and did not judge me. I started a once-a-week session within a short time I found out that wrong eating wasn’t the whole reason for my overeating. Chrisanna had gotten a copy of my last lab work, what a disaster. Chrisanna explained how to count carbs, portion size and fat and made a meal plan for me. I was almost 3 months into her program and I went for another blood test which I dreaded. They say the truth is in the pudding. Well, let me tell you to my surprise all of my blood levels had come back into normal range. As an extra bonus, I had lost 10 pounds. 
I am so grateful to Chrisanna for her help and guidance and I feel saving my life. Chrisanna has a way of making it simple. I still continue seeing her and if I have any questions she is right there for me. 
I would recommend her to anyone who wants a change to a better life. 

From a 40-year-old female client

“This is not a diet, this is a nutrition education on what food does in my body and how I need to eat for my body.”

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