Brain Health

We are seeing younger and younger people in locked units in the nursing homes. We are not just talking about someone who misplaces their keys; we are talking about people in their 50’s and 60’s that are no longer able to function in society! 

What does nutrition have to do with brain function?

Individuals focus on their scale weight, but do we ever stop to think about how what we eat impacts the functioning of our brain?

Your brain is 60% fat and uses cholesterol for fuel, so if you are not eating some saturated fat you are cheating your brainpower! Your brain Consumes 420 calories/day, and so if you are following a 500 calorie diet, how is your brain going to function?

Your brain uses 60% of your daily glucose, 20% of your daily calories, and is composed of 60% Fat. And that fat is made up of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and your brain has a high deposit of cholesterol!

Now let’s look at a picture of a nourished versus a malnourished brain; can you tell the difference? The brain on the left is plump, all the connections are happening. The brain on the right shows a malnourished brain. The malnourished brain is exactly that, malnourished, the neurons are shriveled, there are no connections happening. Word searching, fuzzy brain,

Have you ever heard Good Food = Good Mood? Just think about it, a picture is worth a thousand words.

How does the Nutegra Medical Nutrition Therapy Program help your brain functioning? 

It helps by reducing the amount of carbohydrate that you are eating through a meal plan that is only 20-25% carbohydrate. The rest of your nutrition plan is made up of protein and healthy fat choices.

By reducing the carbohydrate we are preventing something called “Glycation of protein.” This is a process where sugar and protein combine in your circulatory system and adhere to the wall of the arteries and veins with a sticky substance. (Think of fondant)

This glycation of protein will cause the hardening of the arteries and prevents blood from flowing to your BRAIN!

After working with us, you may notice better concentration, improved sleep, and you just may remember where you placed those keys!

Targeted nutrition for brain health

If your brain needs more repair we will look at using:

CoQ10: CoQ10 is found in every cell of the body and recent research shows that it prevents some symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease as well as aiding with heart functioning.

Anyone on a statin medication for cholesterol must be on CoQ10 to prevent muscle breakdown, including heart muscle tissue!

Phosadyl (Lecithin): Lecithin is an emulsifier that helps with fatty acid function. Two studies one from MIT and one from Vanderbilt found that supplementation with Lecithin improved left brain function, which aides in the area of speech.

Your health depends on your brain

Remember, the brain is the control center of your body, without your brain functioning there is little else going on. Even sex; orgasm takes place in the brain first and so you want your brain to be functioning to “get you over the edge” as they say. Without good blood flow to your brain, all areas of your body will be off. With the Nutegra Medical Nutrition Therapy program we are seeing improvement in multiple areas, due to promoting individual basic good nutrition!

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