Meal Planning for the Holidays.

Nutegra Clients are surprised on January 2, when they weigh after the Holidays

For 40 years I have been practicing what is now called metabolic psychotherapy and I share this type of awareness with my clients as I plan a Meal Plan for them to use to “keep them safe” during the Holidays. We call it Behavior Nutrition Therapy and it is a way to wrap your mind around what you need to do to not diet and stay or achieve a healthy BMI.

Here are a few insights:

  1. Have a meal plan that has been prepared for your needs, using food you can make or have access to easily
  2. Know that it takes 3,500 Calories to make one pound and your one dessert choice did not have 3, 500 Calories in it. Breathing and relaxing will help digestion.
  3. If you gain 3-4 pounds overnight, it is not food, it is the salt in the food that caused you to hold onto water.
  4. If you overate, how did you feel? If you feel sick to your stomach, count it as a lesson and know that your body is getting healthier and can identify fullness cues. You just must be aware enough to follow the cues.
  5. Alcohol is not free of calories: 1 shot of alcohol, 4 oz (about 120 ml). Wine or 1 beer will count as 2 servings of fat or ~90 calories.
  6. Know that if you follow the meal plan 90% of the time, your body will start to function better, and a one-time splurge does not have to make you stop valuing yourself and your body to keep nourishing with the meal plan.
Table of friends sharing holiday food. Important to have a meal plan over the holidays.

Wait? Do you not have a meal plan? Find out what your body needs in terms of Energy (Calories), Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat, by booking an appointment today.

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